Bahbouh for the production of central concrete batching

  - As to invest the commercial and industrial experience extended over thirty years in the field of trade, marketing, and installation of central concrete batching in the Arab Gulf, where our group founders were the first exclusive distributors of the ancient European central concrete batching in the Arab Gulf (such...

Bahbouh factory for engineering industries

    The factory is actually established as an independent facility for the production of a group of engineering mechanical equipment, in 2007 at Al Nabk city in Damascus countryside.   The factory produces   -  fixed concrete tanks,   -  trailers /Silo/,   -  fixed and trailer tanks,    -  garbage containers,    -  ground concrete batchers,   -...

Bahbouh factory for the production of processed iron

    This factory was established in 2004 as a first automatic production line in Syria.     It produces a very wide range of accessories, pieces, and ornamented and processed iron components, which is used in the formulation of iron protections for windows, doors, fenders, and so on, with professional, high quality specifications, and...

OXYLIFE for production Oxygen & Nitrogen Generators (PSA SYSTEM)

  Bahbouh Oxylife Factory is one of the earliest factories in the Middle East and Arab countries. It produces various gas stations, such as oxygen and nitrogen, locally, and according to PSA system, based on the finest international specifications and provisions, breaking through a technology that stayed away from the hands of...

Bahbouh Factory for the production of electrical water heaters

   The factory was founded in 1980 at Homs as the first factory in Syria (Industrial registry no. 1), and as the largest producer and distributor of heaters in Syria for 1983. It produces electrical water heaters at different capacities, starting from 10 liters till 250 liters. The factory was modernized in...

Bahbouh and Mazloum Factory for the production of aluminum tubes

   The factory was founded in 1991 under the name of Mazloum & Bahbouh Company for the production of printed aluminum tubes related to the filling of ointments, and medical and cosmetic creams in Ein Tarma – Damascus countryside. The factory was supplied with two production lines of European origin, and also...

Bahbouh factory for concrete products ( Interlock & Curbstone )

  This factory was founded in 2000 AD as the first factory in Syria which produces Interlock paving stones, cement kerbstone, and tile roofing at Al Nabk city in Damascus countryside with international standards approved by the Syrian Arab Standards and Metrology Organization, as well as the international standards. The production...

Bahbouh for Trading

   Bahbouh trading is one of the first established companies affiliated to Bahbouh trading and industry group. The company has been working since the early seventies in its main office in Damascus in the field of import, export, marketing, and service after sale for the various mechanical and hydraulic machines and equipment,...

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Dear Customers,

 In these days that witness a beginning of a new step in the course of our business, and as we accompany the economical and regional growth in the Middle East, we still feel like the same spirit and agitation we had earlier felt 40 years ago, at the foundation of the company. 


It is certain that this feeling arises from the confidence given to us by our customers along these long years, in addition to our following up to what is new in the business field, and the thirst to develop and assimilate everything new in the contracting world and the heavy machines, in order to be present them to our kind customers in a high-quality professional and occupational framework. 


So, we are pleased to present to you this summery about our group since its foundation passing by its commercial and industrial activities.



  • Ketong Hoist - Construction elevator
  • BOGE German Compressor
  • SYM tower crane