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 The factory was founded in 1980 at Homs as the first factory in Syria (Industrial registry no. 1), and as the largest producer and distributor of heaters in Syria for 1983.

It produces electrical water heaters at different capacities, starting from 10 liters till 250 liters. The factory was modernized in 2007 by supplying it with new management, qualifications, and molds, so that to produce new forms of electrical heaters needed in the local market, besides the particular specifications ordered by the adjacent countries, especially in Iraq.

(Bader) trademark is considered to be one of the most authentic commercial ordered trademarks, as it is characterized with high quality of raw materials at manufacture, especially for the electrical coils that are of the finest European companies, and that is why (Bader) heaters are assumed to be inherited due to its service long life.

Technical specification of the water heaters (Bader):

- Produced under the supervision of a pioneer industrial company which is the first in this field. - Economical: Insulated by European insulating materials with large thicknesses that keep water temperature for a longer period when compared to competitive heaters.
- Heat thermostats are of Italian manufacture.
- Thickness of the mercurial internal sheet iron is 2 ml at least.
- Manufactured in line with the Syrian standards no. 817.
- Equipped with Italian safety valve in order to keep pressure and temperature within the safe limits of use.
- Different sizes and colors that meet all tastes and requirements.
- Easily installed and demounted when needed.
- Technical guarantee period lasts for five years.


Factory Address: Homs – International way of Hama
Tel.: 00963 (31) 2238420
Fax: 00963 (31) 2238421
Contact person : Mr. Mohannad Bahbouh


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