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This factory was founded in 2000 AD as the first factory in Syria which produces Interlock paving stones, cement kerbstone, and tile roofing at Al Nabk city in Damascus countryside with international standards approved by the Syrian Arab Standards and Metrology Organization, as well as the international standards.

The production of the factory is distributed according to the following forms:
1: The special telescopic Interlock paving stone used for pavements, vehicles passages, squares, gardens, and factory grounds. This can be paved without the need for concrete provision. It is demountable and subject to recombination when needed. The paving stone is also resistant to heavy loads. There are more that 22 molds with different forms, colors, and thicknesses (from 6 to 10 cm.).
2: Concrete kerbstone and sewage rain related to the endings of pavements, passages, and around trees. There are more than 14 molds for formulating various kinds, forms, colors, and heights.
3: Concrete tiles specified for decorating and protecting roofs of buildings and industrial facilities of Italian molds, approved in Europe, with several colors, upon request. These products are manufactured with the latest means of machinery, with European productions lines, and with international standards approved especially for the type of the used concrete dyes (produced by Bayer, a German company).

Such products are symbolized with Bahbouh's paved stones as a trade mark, even for competitive companies due to the reliable reputation of our factory which firstly entered the philosophy of these products to the country.

This type of products are successful locally and internationally due to many reasons, such as:
- Resistant to high pressures (30 to 40 Newton.ml2).
- Resistant to the different factors of weather.
- Effectively resistant to oil, acids, and chemical materials.
- Water absorption factor doesn't exceed 12%.
- Measurements are accurate. Easy to pave and easy to demount, when needed.
- Beautiful technical formulations, and practical solutions due to the wide options in form, color, and volume.
- Stability of color.

The experiences of our engineers and technicians are at your disposal, so that to meet your suggestions in a way that serve our homeland which looks always for excellence.

Factory Address: Damascus Countryside – Al Nabk City – The International Way
Tel.: 00963 (11) 7220854
Fax: 00963 (11) 7231501
Contact Person : Mr. Amthal Bahbouh

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