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The factory is actually established as an independent facility for the production of a group of engineering mechanical equipment, in 2007 at Al Nabk city in Damascus countryside.


The factory produces

  -  fixed concrete tanks,
  -  trailers /Silo/,
  -  fixed and trailer tanks, 
  -  garbage containers, 
  -  ground concrete batchers,
  -  trailers, and semi-trailers.

This facility is equipped with different required production machines and high qualified technical staff in order to produce these products upon the approved international standards, in addition of our long trading and industrial experience, where the company used to represent some international companies that work in this field. As such, our engineering products have gained the satisfaction and acceptance of our kind customers in Syria, the neighboring countries, and the Arab Gulf.


Also, the main target of establishing this factory is to be a basic supporter for Bahbouh factory to produce central concrete batching, since most of these products are required in a way or another for the establishment or equipment of batching plants ready for temporary or permanent service. 


The factory has qualified technical experiences to manufacture these products according to any private specification requested by our customers, made under professional engineering study, so that to amend and achieve any required target.


Factory Address: Damascus Countryside – Al Nabk City – Industrial Zone

Tel.: 00963 (11) 7226372
Fax: 00963 (11) 7240255
Contact Person: Mr. Mohammad Bahbouh

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big grond mixer Box Trailer Cement Silo Fixed Silo Carbage tank Mobile Tank Fixed Huge Tank Small Ground Mixer Trailer