Bahbouh factory for the production of processed iron

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This factory was established in 2004 as a first automatic production line in Syria.



It produces a very wide range of accessories, pieces, and ornamented and processed iron components, which is used in the formulation of iron protections for windows, doors, fenders, and so on, with professional, high quality specifications, and beautiful civilized forms, as a support to the smith workshops and professional ironsmiths.

Also, a special department was established to create and innovate decorative and civilized designs for the protections made of these products, in addition to a workshop for design and construction that work on a high professional skilful level for the great and particularized projects. Although there are currently many competitive companies that are newly established within the same field in Syria, yet Bahbouh's name is still distinguished and is relied on in projects villas which look for distinctive beauty and competitive prices based on the specific weight of the processed iron and at the same aestheticism.

We are pleased to offer to you our technical and designing experiences to manufacture these products to you according to any form or certain design, in order to meet the satisfaction of our kind customers.

Factory Address: Damascus Countryside – Al Nabk City –Industrial Zone
Tel.: 00963 (11) 7226372
Fax: 00963 (11) 7240255
Contact Person: Mr. Abd Alkader Bahbouh


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