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 The factory was founded in 1991 under the name of Mazloum & Bahbouh Company for the production of printed aluminum tubes related to the filling of ointments, and medical and cosmetic creams in Ein Tarma – Damascus countryside.

The factory was supplied with two production lines of European origin, and also sustained up till now with raw materials imported specially from Western Europe.

The factory currently works with the utmost available production capacity in order to meet the requirements of our kind customers at medicine companies and cosmetic industry in Syria and the adjacent countries, as the mutual confidence acquired along those long years until this date, made our factory the main supplier to these companies without any disputant.

As to accompany the typical movement that Syria witnesses in the field of pharmaceutical industry, as well as the large popularity of its factories where the demand of such medical tubes approved by the Ministry of Health became greater than before, our company has established a new factory in Adra, the industrial zone in Damascus countryside, over an open ground area of 5000 m2, in addition to a production hall on a ground area of almost 3000 m2.

Currently, modern production lines of high efficiency and technology that are not available in the area, are going to be imported in order to provide the lack of these tubes. This factory is going to be launched very soon, with the help of God.

All materials used in the manufacture of tube is particularly imported for this purpose from the best European companies that obtain quality certificate.

Technical Specifications:
- Tube is manufactured and technical tests are executed according to the British standard, No. BS2006.
- Metal: Net aluminum, gauge of 99,5 – 99,7%.
- Internal coating: Epoxy-phenolic layer resistant to acids and alkali as well as to dissolvers and ammonia, thickness of 10 – 15 micron.
- Painting of the external base: Non-frictional synthetic polystyrene, nor cleavable when twisting the tube.
- Printing: Four colors.
- Closure: Manufactured from high intensive poly ethylene, or from composite polypropylene, upon request. It is available in various forms and colors.
- Tube is supplied with latex layer formed as a ring, at width of 7 – 9 ml.
in order to be closed tightly

.Our most important customers, for examples but not limited to, are:
- Al Balsam for pharmaceutical industries.
- Zera for cosmetic production.
- Ibn Hayyan for pharmaceutical industries.
- Medico for pharmaceutical industries.
- Delta for pharmaceutical industries.
- Trans Orient (Indian).
- Ruba Company for pharmaceutical industries.
- Wella Company for cosmetic industries.

Factory Address: Damascus – Victoria
Tel.: 00963 (11) 4628743 – 2219651
Fax: 00963 (11) 4618871- 2214559 or 
Contact Person : Mr. Abd Alrazzak Alhemsi

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