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- As to invest the commercial and industrial experience extended over thirty years in the field of trade, marketing, and installation of central concrete batching in the Arab Gulf, where our group founders were the first exclusive distributors of the ancient European central concrete batching in the Arab Gulf (such as Elba, a German Co.), and in order to accompany the promising urban development that the Middle East witnesses, Bahbouh company has established this factory for the production of central concrete batching with all its types: The wet, dry, and both wet & dry at Al Nabk in Damascus countryside, based on the higher approved international standards, in addition to the special standards required by the Middle East region.


- Our production is a summary of acts, reviewed according to electrical and mechanical engineering systems that achieve all conditions of safety and security in all the batching details, in addition to the fulfillment of the suspicion rate in the cement mixture resultant from the batching, and which is approved by the consulting companies.

- Our regard towards the mechanical and electrical details at manufacture, and our strict selection for the components of the batching to be chosen from the most elegant international companies, made our production distinguished in its form, content, and technology under the testimony of the great international companies which have long experience in this field, as well as of our customers in the region, taking into account that what distinguishes our products is the operating and control system that depends on SKADA; an accurate international programming, special in its accuracy, professionalism, and easy handling.


Available products and capacities:
- Fixed concreted batching, with wet-mixing system: 40 till 180 m3/ hour.
- Fixed concreted batching, with dry-mixing system: 60 till 250 m3/ hour.
- Fixed concreted batching, with both wet and dry mixing system: 40 till 180 m3/ hour.
- Shortly, we will be ready to launch a new model of mobile concrete batching at capacities 60 till 120 m3/ hour.

The factory has qualified technical experiences to manufacture these products according to any private specification requested by our customers, and made under professional engineering study, so that to amend and achieve any required target. 


Factory Address: Damascus Countryside – Al Nabk City – The Industrial Zone
Tel.: 00963 (11) 7226372 
Fax: 00963 (11) 7240255
Contact Person : Mr. Mohammad Bahbouh


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